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Wand - Plum - New LP Record 2017 Drag City USA Vinyl - Psych / Garage

Wand - Plum - New LP Record 2017 Drag City USA Vinyl - Psych / Garage

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The skies have clouded on a doomed earth and from the netherrealms of Cory Hanson's internal labyrinth of transdimensional, dystopian garage emerges the Wand we have been twiddling our thumbs for since long before our president turned into an orange. A journey through and through into a newer sound alltogether, Cory and the gang bring us into some spacious exploration of medium, bringing in some elements reminiscent from Cory's recent solo album, The Unborn Capitalist from Limbo, while still holding onto the very guitar effect-ridden, mad science behind previous Wand records. Hell, there's even some stuff eerily reminiscent of Elton John in this pearled joint of a record. Roll yourself a doob and cruise into the apocalypse, cowboy.


Street Date: 9/22/17

Weird orange rouged to Plum — teeming, dense, at times wildly multichromatic sounds; an idiom, an inside joke, a talisman, a bookmark, a mood ring, a long evening's shadow of loss and longing. And meanwhile all the shifting weather, the wireless signals, the helicopters overhead....