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Our classic Highly Recomended sign
Shuga Records Pitchfork Crew
Squaded up on International Women's Day
Akeem With Alien D tape on local Lillerne Tapes Label
Pat pulling up to your door for delivery
Whitney performing for Whitney Day 2019

About Us

We are Shuga Records, a record store and label bringing good music from Wicker Park, Chicago, to the world. We work hard to maintain an extensive warehouse with over half a million records and use our music knowledge to help you find the choicest of nuggets with our "Highly Recomended" Tag.

Store Hours

Noon-7pm Everyday

Covid-19 Rules For Shopping
  • Mask must be worn properly at all times
  • Observe 6ft social distancing guidelines
  • No more than 6 shoppers at a time
  • Sanitize hands before shopping
  • Have fun and enjoy!

1272 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

(773) 278-4085

Shuga Label // Exclusives Releases