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Soundtrack / Joel McNeely — Last Of The Mohicans - New Vinyl LP Record 2019 - 90's Soundtrack


Street Date: 6/14/19


A celebrated modern film music classic makes its way to LP. Under the direction of Emmy and Grammy winning composer, Joel McNeely, and the world famous Royal Scottish National Orchestra, this original score recording of The Last of the Mohicans is one of the best-selling albums in the 40-year history of the Varese Sarabande label.



Side A
1. Main Title (Jones), 2. Elk Hunt (Jones), 3. Bridge at Lacrosse (Edelman), 4. Garden Scene, (Edelman),
5. Ambush (Jones), 6. The Glade (Jones), 7. Fort Battle (Jones), 8. The Courier (Edelman)
Side B
1. The Kiss (Jones) 2. Stockade, (Jones), 3. Massacre (Jones), 4. Ascent/Pursuit (Jones), 5. Promontory (Jones), 6. Top of The World (Jones)