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Ra Ra Riot - Superbloom - New Vinyl LP Record 2019 - Indie Rock / Pop



Ra Ra Riot's Superbloom finds the band taking a decidedly pop-minded approach to the album-making process. In shedding their inhibitions, Ra Ra Riot ultimately created an impossibly radiant album powered by imaginative yet indelible melodies, yet maintaining the offbeat eclecticism they’ve embraced since first forming in the mid-2000s, embedding Superbloom’s lavish arrangements with elements of psychedelia, new wave, punk and country. Features “Bad To Worse,” “Flowers” and “Belladonna.”



1.Flowers, 2.Bad To Worse, 3.Belladonna, 4.Endless Pain/Endless Joy, 5.War & Famine, 6.Bitter Conversation 1.This Time Of Year, 2.Gimme Time, 3.Backroads, 4.Dangerous, 5.An Accident, 6.A Check For Daniel