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Primus ‎–Tales From The Punchbowl - New Vinyl 2 Lp 2019 Limited Edition Color 180gram Vinyl - Alt-Rock / Funk Rock


Street Date: 6/28/19

Primus’ gold-certified fourth studio album is reissued on 2LP for the first time since 1995, presented with brand new cover art. Features one of the band’s biggest singles – ‘Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver’. 180g magenta vinyl. 


Track Listing


Disc One
Side A
1. Professor Nutbutter's House Of Treats, 2. Mrs. Blaileen, 3. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver Side B
1. Southbound Pachyderm, 2. Space Farm, 3. Year Of The Parrot

Disc 1
Side A
1. Hellbound 17 1/2 (Theme From), 2. Glass Sandwich, 3. Del Davis Tree Farm 4. De Anza Jig
Side B
1. On The Tweek Again, 2. Over The Electric Grapevine, 3. Captain Shiner