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Vesper years shuga records limited edition signed and numbered color vinyl

PAINT (Pedrum Siadatian of Allah-Las) - Paint - New Vinyl Lp 2018 Mexican Summer Pressing with Oversized Newsprint Poster and Download - Indie Rock / Jangle Pop


Street Date: 11/2/18

PAINT (Allah-Las guitarist/singer Pedrum Siadatian) is making his mark with his first self-titled solo record. After Allah-Las 2016 Calico Review album he started 4-tracking his own strange ideas fed by the acid-bitter poetry and murky music of Kevin Ayers & Syd Barrett. He found a producer in Frank Maston who instinctively understood the songs would fall apart in the studio if scrubbed too hard. PAINT’s first album isn’t always clean but it’s very, very clear: sometimes the mess is the message.


1 Intro  
2 Daily Gazette  
3 Plastic Dreams  
4 Moldy Man  
5 Silver Streaks  
6 True Love (Is Hard To Find)  
7 Splattered  
8 Just Passin' Thru  
9 I Didn't Know A Thing  
10 Heaven In Farsi  
11 Wash  
12 Outro/Corso