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Olivia Neutron-John - Olivia Neutron-John - New 12" Vinyl LP 2019 - Electronic/Dance


Street Date: 5/10/19

Olivia Neutron-John's self-titled debut full length OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHNis the first O N-J recorded output since 2014’s single INJURY TRAIN ANDI'M NEVER GETTING OFF IT b/w VULNERABILITY. Finally emerging with thisalbum is a sound that is similarly transcendent and meticulous, butwith a newly articulated focus and even bolder minimalism. A. Nastyreturns on keyboards and voice, now writing sinewy bass lines againstthe steady pulse of a drum machine. Lyrically it is sparse, but ladenwith meaning. A. Nasty's vocals are psychedelic yet straightforward,confident but desperate, calculated and unhinged all at the same time .Ambiguity drives OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN - the feeling of imminent dangerin nearly going off the rails, just barely kept in line with the orderof rhythm. OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN draws you into its hypnotic repetition,only to disorient with a catchy line gone awry and into a totallydifferent atmosphere, like Ian Curtis playing on the moon. The punksensibilities of O N-J's dance music ride a delicate balance betweenchaos and precision. The year is 2019 and fictions of genre and genderare even further behind us, making way for OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN .