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Pariuh -  Family Witchcraft Attack EP - New 7" Vinyl 2018 Moniker Records (Chicago, IL) Pressing - Psych / Art Rock / Experimental

Pariuh - Family Witchcraft Attack EP - New 7" Vinyl 2018 Moniker Records (Chicago, IL) Pressing - Psych / Art Rock / Experimental

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Remember the quad? Remember frisbee at your leisure? The distant, wobbling echoes of a student practicing trumpet? Hacky sack after class? Miami’s hidden treasure, Pariuh, has a different memory of the quad - the late night walks, the communication, its inevitable breakdown, and the need (that torturous, ever-loving, never-leaving, never-leading need) for something bigger and better. Pariuh has reached a crux - what form does the shape-shifting Miami outfit need to embrace to catapult them from the quad into cult sensation? The Family Witchcraft Attack EP depicts a band lost in time; pointing a finger at communal living, the nuclear family, and free love across four recently resuscitated tracks. Pariuh muses on good, evil, and - you guessed it - ROCK music. Will Pariuh’s bite-size pop cookies disguised as jarring “jock rock” anthems prove sufficiently emblematic of both their ostracizing individualism and equally overwhelming desire to make emends with the outside world? Sometimes, the quad can feel lonelier than one would think…

Lead single “Quad” proves Pariuh’s penchant for whimsical, dynamic, and creative song writing. By developing four disjointed motifs instead of a traditional verse chorus-structure, Pariuh takes the listener for an intimate walk around the quad. As Krystle Lee’s 1980’s Suzuki Omnichord zooms past like a biker cutting off a pedestrian on a busy sidewalk, Chris Dougnac, singer & drummer, exclaims “I’ll never walk around it— never could be where I had to then,” lamenting their inability to balance fulfilling their obligations while maintaining their personal well-being. Behind their quirky exterior, Pariuh deals with trauma and emotional resonance - both the real and the yet-to-come. Family Witchcraft Attack shows a band in superposition; apprehensively looking through a window into the past, meditating on its successes and failures, while moving towards an exciting and excessive future.