Luke Henry + Rabbitfoot - American Dreams - New Vinyl 2016 Black Vinyl (from an original Shuggie!) - Chicago / Folk / Psych-Folk




An OG Shuga sultan of bin-scourin', crate diggin', and a master of wax flippin', Luke Otwell has finally gotten his hands out of the record shelves and in between the six strings of a lap steel to slingshot a big ol' soufflet dessert straight into your holes of hearing. Encompassing a full, five-course, home-cooked sound that feels like a post-acid trip porch beer with Bob Dylan, Shintaro Sakamoto, Kevin Morby, Jeff Mangum, Steely Dan, and Neil Young, this folkedelic 9-track lineup brings to light the goodness of roots-inspired rock and roll wrapped in a sushi roll of ideas that ultimately puts itself in a high place amidst Chicago's latest offerings of local nugs. Imagine if Double-D from Ed, Edd, & Eddy continued beyond the episode where he plays a lap steel and pursued a pipe dream of psychedelic rock n roll, and you've gt yourself this beachy, grass-roots, brain-meltin folk beauty perched right here on this here shelf. Luke helped keep Shuga runnin' while he was working here and this lil waxy gem here will keep you runnin' too. Snag a cappucino and spin this beautiful ground-up blend of grooves. We love our babyman shugaman Luke and you will too. Dig.


FFO: Kevin Morby, Lucille Furs, Ed, Edd, & Eddy, really good kombucha, Dehd, Whitney, The Walters, wholesome vaping, fishing with your dad