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Judah & the Lion — Pep Talks - New 2LP 2019 on Random Colored Vinyl - Alt-Rock / Folk

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 Street Date: 5/3/19


Pep Talks is the first album from the band since their breakout single “Take It All Back,” off 2016’s Folk Hop n’ Roll. Pep Talks is another massive leap forward for the band, and blends uplifting, powerful anthems with more contemplative and emotional tracks dealing with Judah’s personal journey through life, as he encountered a rare season of loss, grief and pain. A lot of hard things happened in a short period of time, and all that was happening while the band was on the road the last 3 years

Disc 1
Side A
1. Pep Talk, 2. Quarter-Life Crisis, 3. Why Did You Run?, 4. i'm ok. 5. pictures, 6. Over my head Side B
1. Queen Songs / human, 2. Don't Mess With My Mama, 3. 7000x, 4. Alright (frick it!), 5. GoofBallerz

Disc 2
Side A
1. JOYBOY, 2. Passion Fashion, 3. Dance With Ya, 4. Family / Best Is Yet To Come, 5. sportz, 6. 17