King Gizzard Polygondwanaland clear vinyl with glowing skull slipmat

John's Children - Smashed Blocked! (1967) - Mint- 2009 (UK Import Reissue) 180gram - Psychedelic Rock


This album collects the material Marc Bolan recorded during his brief stint as a member of the Mod / Psych band John's Children. Includes printed inner sleeve with liner notes.


Smashed Blocked 3:02
Just What You Want - Just What You'll Get 3:05
Strange Affair 2:07
But She's Mine 1:59
Hippy Gumbo 2:38
Jagged Time Lapse 2:49
Midsummer Night's Scene (Alternative Version) 2:38
Not The Sort Of Girl You Take To Bed 2:28
Mustang Ford 2:23
The Love I Thought I'd Found 3:04
Remember Thomas A'Beckett 2:37
Come And Play With Me In The Garden (Inst) 2:12
Daddy Rolling Stone (BBC) 2:13
Hot Rod Mama (BBC) 3:11
Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith (BBC) 3:34
Jagged Time Lapse (BBC) 2:43
Sally Was An Angel (Inst)