Gary Numan - Telekon - New Vinyl 2015 Beggar's Banquet Gatefold 2-LP Reissue - Electronic / New Wave / Synthpop



 What can I say? You want spaceships? You want drum machines? You want to feel like you just got out of the biggest galactic hootenanny on this side of the milky way? If you've answered 'yes' to any of the following, then hop in your lunar buggy and get ready for a bumpy ride into Numan's universe.


A1 This Wreckage
A2 The Aircrash Bureau
A3 Telekon
A4 Remind Me To Smile
B1 Sleep By Windows
B2 I'm An Agent
B3 I Dream Of Wires
B4 Remember I Was Vapour
C1 Please Push No More
C2 The Joy Circuit
C3 We Are Glass
C4 Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement)
D1 I Die: You Die
D2 Down In The Park (Piano Version)
D3 A Game Called Echo
D4 Photograph
D5 Remind Me To Smile (USA Mix)
D6 I Die: You Die (Alternate Mix)