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French Vanilla - How Am I Not Myself? - New LP Record 2019 Flume Vinyl - Punk / Riot Grrrl


Street Date: 6/7/19

Witty and whimsical French Vanilla have refined their angular, no-wave sonance into a powerfully melodic and disciplined dance party with their sophomore release, How Am I Not Myself? Hitting the ear-waves in June 2019 via millennial, sincere-core label Danger Collective Records (Current Joys, Surf Curse, Slow Hollows), the quartet’s latest work enshrines French Vanilla as vital cultural creators in the vibrant Los Angeles indie music scene and beyond.

  1. Real or Not
  2. Lost Power
  3. All the Time
  4. Friendly Fire
  5. Protective
  6. Suddenly
  7. Joan of Marc by Marc
  8. Bromosapien
  9. Move Along, Move Ahead
  10. Sensitive (not Too Sensitive)