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Exploded View ‎– Obey - New Vinyl Lp 2018 Sacred Bones Limited Pressing on Hot Pink Vinyl with Download - Experimental / Art Rock / Industrial


Street Date: 10/5/18

Exploded View, the international music project of Annika Henderson, Hugo Quezada, and Martin Thulin has returned and taken flight with their second full-length, Obey. The album was recorded at Hugo's and Martin's studios in Mexico City with Annika visiting from Berlin. Leaving behind their raw, live recording process, and embracing overdubs and multi-instrumentalism, the band has crafted their most ambitious work to date. The four-piece that recorded the band’s self-titled debut album and Summer Came Early EP became three to create a more concise collection of songs. Their motivation for creating together remains purely passionate and the improvisational spark the band is known for has morphed into the emotional flames of being close friends with a deep desire to make music with each other.


A1 Lullaby 2:12
A2 Open Road 4:19
A3 Dark Stains 3:25
A4 Gone Tomorrow 5:03
A5 Obey 5:29
A1 Sleepers 3:49
A2 Letting Go of Childhood Dreams 2:41
A3 Raven Raven 3:32
A4 Come on Honey 2:52
A5 Rant 4:45


  • Composed By – Amon Melgarejo (tracks: 5, 6, 9, 10)
  • Composed By, Producer, Instruments – Hugo Quezada, Martin Thulin 
  • Composed By, Vocals, Instruments, Lyrics By – Annika Henderson


Limited Hot Pink vinyl with digital download