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Death Before Dishonor — Unfinished Business - New Vinyl LP Record 2019 - Hardcore / Punk


Death Before Dishonor have been an institution in hardcore since the early 2000s. Playing countless shows across the globe and releasing three full-length albums on Bridge Nine. After working on new material for almost a decade, the band is finally ready to unleash their fourth studio album Unfinished Business on July 26th. Seamlessly blending hardcore, punk and metal together into a fiery ball of cathartic raw aggression, this hardcore juggernaut is unrelenting from start to finish. 

Side A 1. Cowards Will Fall, 2. True Defeat, 3. Freedom Dies, 4. Save Your Breath Side B 1. Bad Blood, 2. Haunted, 3. Left To Die, 4. Promises Of Yesterday