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Cursive ‎– Vitriola - New Vinyl Lp 2018 Limited Edition 15 Passenger 'Indie Exclusive' on Black & Gold Marbled Colored Vinyl with Download - Indie Rock / Emo


Street Date: 10/5/18

 For the first time since Happy Hollow, the album reunites Kasher, guitarist/singer Ted Stevens and bassist Matt Maginn with founding drummer Clint Schnase, as well as co-producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, M. Ward, Jenny Lewis) at ARC Studios in Omaha. They’re joined by Patrick Newbery on keys (who’s been a full-time member for years) and touring mainstay Megan Siebe on cello. Schnase and Maginn are in rare form, picking up right where they left off with a rhythmic lockstep of viscera-vibrating bass and toms, providing a foundation for Kasher and Stevens’ intertwining guitars and Newbery and Siebe’s cinematic flourishes. The album runs the sonic gamut between rich, resonant melodicism, Hitchcockian anxiety, and explosive catharsis -- and no Cursive album would be complete without scream-along melodies and lyrics that, upon reflection, make for unlikely anthems.


1 Free To Be Or Not To Be You And Me 3:27
2 Pick Up The Pieces 3:25
3 It’s Gonna Hurt 5:31
4 Under The Rainbow 3:19
5 Remorse 3:24
6 Ouroboros 6:00
7 Everending 4:12
8 Ghost Writer 3:07
9 Life Savings 4:40
10 Noble Soldier / Dystopian Lament 7:28