Braid ‎– Braid 6 Cassettes Box Set - New 2015 Polyvinyl USA & Book - Indie Rock

Braid ‎– Braid 6 Cassettes Box Set - New 2015 Polyvinyl USA & Book - Indie Rock

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Braid ‎– Braid 6 Cassettes Box Set

Polyvinyl Record Company ‎– PRC-303-4
Cassette, Album
Cassette, Album
Cassette, Album
Cassette, Compilation
Cassette, Compilation
Cassette, Album
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
09 Oct 2015
Indie Rock


Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five
A1 Angel Falls 2:25
A2 Capricorn 3:17
A3 Minuet 1:58
A4 New Dollar Building 2:23
A5 Lining Lake Michigan 2:26
A6 Wax Wings 1:08
A7 Garner Hall Music Room 2:14
A8 Hugs From Boys 4:06
A9 Three Point Turn 1:52
A10 Eeyore And Easel 3:27
A11 Red Dye Company 1:07
A12 Summer Salt 2:36
A13 X Marks The Hope Box 1:53
B1 Brass Knuckle Sandwich 3:31
B2 Dolores 1:09
B3 Under The Influence Of Tricycle Mechanics 2:45
B4 Featherweight 2:39
B5 Ornamental 3:08
B6 Kissy Windmill Print 2:26
B7 Jane Describes John 3:18
B8 Quarters 2:33
B9 Interstate 57 1:47
B10 Yawn London 3:00
B11 Vest Of Interest 2:06
B12 Pipsqueak 3:02
B13 Zero Frisco 1:26
The Age Of Octeen
C1 My Baby Smokes 3:15
C2 Nineteen 75 3:04
C3 Divers 3:42
C4 Jimmy Go Swimmer 2:25
C5 Movie Clock Star 5:45
D1 Eulalia, Eulalia 3:50
D2 Grace Car Part One 4:10
D3 Harrison Ford 4:00
D4 American Typewriter 3:19
D5 The Chandelier Swing 3:24
D6 Autobiography 1:04
Frame & Canvas
E1 The New Nathan Detroits 4:18
E2 Killing A Camera 2:34
E3 Never Will Come For Us 3:31
E4 First Day Back 3:22
E5 Collect From Clark Kent 3:25
E6 Milwaukee Sky Rocket 3:12
F1 A Dozen Roses 4:15
F2 Urbana's Too Dark 3:26
F3 Consolation Prizefighter 3:13
F4 Ariel 2:38
F5 Breathe In 2:16
F6 I Keep A Diary 5:47
Movie Music Vol. One
G1 Sounds Like Violence 2:53
G2 Motion Light 2:54
G3 Perfect Pitch 3:09
G4 I'm Afraid Of Everything 2:29
G5 Radish White Icicle 3:20
G6 Now I'm Exhausted 2:50
G7 Fire Makes The House Grow 3:14
G8 Niagara 3:03
G9 That Car Came Out Of Nowhere 1:28
G10 (Strawberry Ann) Switzerland 3:15
H1 What A Wonderful Puddle 4:13
H2 First Day Back 3:18
H3 Hugs From Boys 3:40
H4 Forever Got Shorter 3:46
H5 Please Drive Faster 3:51
H6 Circus Of The Stars 2:57
H7 You'e Lucky To Be Alive 3:21
Movie Music Vol. Two
I1 Elephant 1:28
I2 Jimmy Go Swimmer 2:26
I3 Eulia, Eulia 3:56
I4 Katycat 3:25
I5 Grand Theft Autumn 2:58
I6 To Kiss A Trumpet Player 2:49
I7 I'm Glowing And You're The Reason 2:06
I8 Do You Love Coffee? 2:58
I9 The Consolation Prizefight 3:05
I10 Bridge To Canada 2:43
J1 Painting Nebraska 3:01
J2 Collect From Clark Kent 3:30
J3 Roses In The Car 4:24
J4 My Life 4:16
J5 Baby, Now That I've Found You 2:00
J6 This Charming Man 2:22
J7 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 2:41
J8 Always Something There To Remind Me 3:59
J9 Trompe Le Monde 2:10
No Coast
K1 Bang 3:19
K2 East End Hollows 3:53
K3 No Coast 3:29
K4 Damages! 3:06
K5 Many Enemies 2:35
K6 Pre-Evergreen 3:42
L1 Put Some Wings On That Kid 2:24
L2 Lux 2:52
L3 Doing Yourself In 3:50
L4 Climber New Entry 3:38
L5 Light Crisis 2:29
L6 This Is Not A Revolution 4:32


Limited to 500.
Includes all 6 Braid releases on cassette for the first time.
Hand-made, custom-built wooden box with screen printed original design by Jay Ryan.
Complete lyric booklet.

Cassettes included in box set:

Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five (White Tape)
The Age of Octeen (Yellow Tape)
Frame and Canvas (Royal Blue Tape)
Movie Music Vol. 1 (Dark Red Tape)
Movie Music Vol. 2 (Orange Tape)
No Coast (Rhodamine Red Tape)