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Bob Dylan - Infidels - New 2019 Record LP 150 gram Vinyl Reissue - Rock / Folk Rock

Bob Dylan - Infidels - New 2019 Record LP 150 gram Vinyl Reissue - Rock / Folk Rock

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STREET DATE: 9 / 6 / 19

Side 1
  1. Let's Stick Together (Album Version)   3:09                        
  2. When Did You Leave Heaven? (Album Version)   2:15                        
  3. Sally Sue Brown (Album Version)   2:28                        
  4. Death Is Not The End (Album Version)   5:10                        
  5. Had A Dream About You, Baby (Album Version)   2:51                        
Side 2
  1. Ugliest Girl In The World (Album Version)   3:31                        
  2. Silvio (Album Version)   3:06                        
  3. Ninety Miles An Hour (Down a Dead End Street) (Album Version)   2:55                        
  4. Shenandoah (Album Version)   3:38                        
  5. Rank Strangers To Me (Album Version)   2:57                        
Devito; Hill, Beau; Johnson, Coke; Kloster, Mike; Musel, Jeff; Preziosi, Jim; Shelton, Stephen; Soucy, Brian 
Baird, Mike; Blu, Peggi; Brown, Alexandra; Clapton, Eric; Clarke, Alan; Dennis, Carol; Dunbar, Sly; Dylan, Bob; East, Nathan; Froom, Mitchell; Full Force; Garcia, Jerry; Green, Willie; Grombacher, Myron; Hill, Beau; Jackson, Randy; Jones, Steve; Jordan, Steve; Jordon, Steve; King, Bobby; King, Clydie; Klein, Larry; Knopfler, Mark; Kortchmar, Danny; Mydland, Brent; Quebec, Madelyn; Shakespeare, Robbie; Shelton, Stephen; Simon, Paul; Sovigar, Kevin; Spinetti, Henry; Weir, Bob; Winger, Kip; Wood, Ron
Alexander, J.; Blair, H.; Brumley, A.; Bullock, W.; Dylan, Bob; Harrison, W.; Hill, Beau; Hunter, R.; Hunter, Robert; Montgomery, E.; Robertson, D.; Stafford, T.; Whiting, R.
Shelton, Stephen

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LP includes one 150-gram vinyl with download insert