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Blue Glass - Pale Mirror - New Vinyl LP Record 2019 - Post-Punk / Dream Pop

Blue Glass - Pale Mirror - New Vinyl LP Record 2019 - Post-Punk / Dream Pop

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Cut from the Thatcher-era, post-punk cloth and steeped in the romantic chill of the Pacific Northwest, Pale Mirror is a catchy, melancholic ode to isolation and longing that only certain latitudes tend to produce. Owing to Influences like The Cure, The Cocteau Twins, The Chills, early OMD and The Wake - Blue Glass takes a step Into the ethereal on Pale Mirror. Seasick guitar lines and synth-laden melodies swim around the lean and pulsating edge-of-clean bass and drums to deliver a driving, energetic and introspective album. "Compulsively catchy, and even flat-out ravishing in places ... with layers of atmosphere that garnish things wonderfully .... Flashes of lushness and romance pierce Blue Glass's melancholy the same way clusters of greenery often offset the downcast grays that envelop a Northwest skyline this time of year." Anthony James Kay, artisthome.org. "Blue Glass is drawing from decades past in a hypnotic and hallucinogenic ode to isolation .... The pulsating rhythm of the song "Out Of Time" seems to act as the album's heartbeat, bringing each mournfully meditative message to life."

Side A Side B
01 don't think twice
02 sleep
03 we loved the rain
04 hometown highs
05 don't call
01 all night
02 incantations
03 out of time
04 you won't stay