Belle and Sebastian - Push Barman to Open Old Wounds - New Vinyl 2014 Matador Tri-Fold 3-LP Pressing - Indie Pop / Rock



Belle & Sebastian has long been one of my favorite pop bands and this compilation of their early EPs helps me rekindle my love for them every time the needle hits the grooves. Collected over 3-LPs, this set contains Dog on Wheels, Lazy Line Painter Jane, 3.. 6.. 9 Seconds of Light, This Is Just a Modern Rock Song, Legal Man, Jonathan David, and I'm Waking Up to Us. Nothing but the hits!! These sharp, infectious tunes helped establish them as the go to band for bookworm perverts evertwhere. Also, considering the massive collection of songs you get for the price, it's the most bang for your buck you'll get from any of their titles. Pardon my French, but this set is fucking crucial.



A1 Dog On Wheels 3:11
A2 The State I Am In 4:59
A3 String Bean Jean 4:43
A4 Belle And Sebastian 4:36
B1 Lazy Line Painter Jane 5:49
B2 You Made Me Forget My Dreams 3:50
B3 A Century Of Elvis 4:29
B4 Photo Jenny 3:14
C1 A Century Of Fakers 4:29
C2 Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie 3:10
C3 Beautiful 5:13
C4 Put The Book Back On The Shelf 6:24
D1 This Is Just A Modern Rock Song 7:12
D2 I Know Where The Summer Goes 4:37
D3 The Gate 4:27
D4 Slow Graffiti 3:25
E1 Legal Man 2:42
E2 Judy Is A Dick Slap 4:05
E3 Winter Wooskie 2:41
E4 Jonathan David 2:59
E5 Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It 3:35
F1 The Loneliness Of A Middle Distance Runner 4:34
F2 I'm Waking Up To Us 3:49
F3 I Love My Car 5:12
F4 Marx And Engels 3:45

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Includes coupon for a free download of the entire album.
Packaged with an OBI-style strip that mentions the reissues of the Belle & Sebastian albums. The records are housed in trifold sleeve.
An anthology of singles from 1997-2001.
Made in EU.