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Alabaster DePlume - To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1- New LP Record 2020 International Anthem USA Vinyl - Free Jazz / Avant Garde

Alabaster DePlume - To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1- New LP Record 2020 International Anthem USA Vinyl - Free Jazz / Avant Garde

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In the words of Emma Warren:

Alabaster DePlume is not doing things properly, and this makes him very happy.

DePlume is a Manchester-born, London-based bandleader, composer, saxophonist, activist and orator. He’s a resident at the legendary London creative hub Total Refreshment Centre, a recording artist for the off-grid, Scottish Hebridean island label Lost Map, and now the latest arrival into Chicago-based International Anthem’s growing family of progressive musical explorationists. Whilst much of his music contains vocals – often whispered imperatives – this is a collection of instrumentals, drenched in feeling and recorded over four albums and eight earth years in cities across the UK.

The music of "To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1" contains naturally elegant orchestration wrapped around something visceral and primordial. Swirled inside the 11 pieces are shades of Japanese Min’yo folk, Celtic folk, the Ethio-jazz of saxophonist Getatchew Mekurya and hints of the pan-human ‘ancient music’ that sat underneath Arthur Russell’s melodies on First Thought, Best Thought. The music is filled with space, inspired, he says, by computer games and Japanese animation, particularly Joe Hisaishi’s...  more


releases February 28, 2020

Composed by Alabaster DePlume.

Performed by Alabaster DePlume – vocal, tenor sax, guitar; Ríoghnach Connolly – voice, flute; Jess Connor – voice; Ellis Davies – electric guitar; John Ellis – pianette, clavinette, piano; Jessica Macdonald – cello; Hannah Miller – cello; Bi Roxby – voice; Paddy Steer – percussion, bass pedals; Leon Boydon – acoustic guitar; Daniel Inzani – piano; Beth Porter – cello; Lorenzo Prati – tenor sax; Dan Truen – drums; Will Calderbank – cello; Lorien Edwards – bass guitar; Philip Howley – drums, percussion; Mikey Kenney – violin; Pascal Makonese – m’bira; Kirsty McGee – bass flute; Tim Vincent Smith – violin; Rick Weedon – drums, percussion; Chestnutt – synth; Danalogue – piano, voice; James Howard – electric guitar; Sarathy Korwar – drums; Donna Thompson – voice.

Arranged by Alabaster DePlume, with Bi Roxby (track 3), Ellis Davies (track 11), and Danalogue (track 7).

Tracks 1, 3, 8 & 11 from "Copernicus" (2012) recorded at Limefield Studios and Madwaltz; produced & engineered by Paddy Steer and John Ellis; mixed by Paddy Steer.

Track 9 from "The Jester" (2013) recorded in Bristol; produced by Alabaster DePlume and Daniel Inzani with Mark Dressler; mixed & engineered by Mark Dressler.

Tracks 4, 5, 6 & 10 from "Peach" (2015) recorded at Limefield Studios, Madwaltz, Antwerp Mansion and Total Refreshment Centre; produced by Alabaster DePlume; engineered by Paddy Steer, John Ellis and Karl Sveinsson; mixed by Paddy Steer.

Tracks 2 & 7 (2019) recorded at Total Refreshment Centre; produced by Alabaster DePlume; mixed & engineered by Kristian Craig Robinson.

Album Mastered by David Allen (based on original tape masters of "Copernicus" by George Atkins at 80 Hertz).

Cover Art, Design & Layout by Raimund Wong.