Abby Huston - Ah Ha - New Limited Edition LP Record 2021 EggHunt Indie Exclusive Transparent Red Vinyl & Download -Indie Rock / Folk

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Abby Huston - Ah Ha

The album’s title, AH HA, is a play on an old memory for Huston. Their first drumsticks were engraved with their initials. When they hit the instrument back and forth the initials not only represented their name but a saying of self-realizations they find while playing. In that regard, AH HA is a wink to their past self and recognition of how far their musical journey has come. For Huston, making music has always been: “About becoming your fullest self within who you want to be and working through all of the things that you don't like about yourself. To do both the accepting of where you are and practicing being more at the same time is what it means to me."

Promise 02:15
Can't Be Sweet 02:24
Higher (feat. Benét) 02:33
Unrequited (feat. Not Kevin) 02:39
Lillies 02:24
Apartment 03:18
Home 03:02
L Train 02:36
Younger 02:51


released October 22, 2021

Vocals- Abby Huston, Benét Nutall(3), Cameron Smith (4)
Keys- Cameron Smith
Electric Guitar- Cameron Smith, Abby Huston (5, 7)
Acoustic Guitar- Abby Huston (6, 8, 9)
Bass- Cameron Smith
Cello- Cameron Smith
Omnichord- Abby Huston
Percussion- Cameron Smith, Alec Gary(6, 8, 9), Josef “nickname jos” Kuhn (7)
Saxophone- Cameron Smith (2), Nathanael Clark (8)
Recording- Cameron Smith, Ryan Gary (6, 7, 9), Abby Huston (7, 8)
Production- Cameron Smith
Mixing- Billy Pavone, Cameron Smith (2, 3, 4, 7)