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Steve Vai - Passion and Warfare (1990) - New Vinyl 2 Lp 2019 Friday Music 180gram Reissue on Translucent Blue Audiophile Vinyl - Hard Rock


Street Date: 1/25/19



A1 Liberty
A2 Erotic Nightmares
A3 The Animal
A4 Answers
A5 The Riddle
B1 Ballerina 12/24
B2 For The Love Of God
B3 The Audience ls Listening
B4 I Would Love To
C1 Blue Powder
C2 Greasy Kid's Stuff
C3 Alien Water Kiss
C4 Sisters
C5 Love Secrets
D1 Lovely Elixir (Bonus)
D2 And We Are One (Solo #2) (Bonus)
D3 As Above (Bonus)
D4 So Below (Bonus)