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Monks - Black Monk Time - New Vinyl 2009 Light In The Attic Reissue 2-LP Gatefold w/ photos, lyrics sheet - 60s Garage Rock



RAW AND PRIMITIVE, BEHOLD BLACK MONK TIME!!! Formed in 1964 by five American G.I.'s stationed in Germany, the Monks got the weird going from the very start. They shaved the tops of their heads into the traditional Catholic Monk tonsure style, experimented with heavy feedback and helped pioneer both punk rock and avant-garde  music all at once. Since they were stuck in Europe, the Monks were left  to their own devices, creating something pure and untouched. A CLASSIC ALBUM THAT DESERVES YOUR ATTENTION!


Monk Time 2:45
Shut Up 3:10
Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice 1:25
Higgle-Dy - Piggle-Dy 2:30
I Hate You 3:25
Oh, How To Do Now 3:15
Complication 2:33
We Do Wie Du 2:12
Drunken Maria 1:45
Love Came Tumblin' Down 2:30
Blast Off! 2:15
That's My Girl 2:25