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Duster – Capsule Losing Contact - New 4 Lp Box Set 2019 Numero Compilation - Indie / Space Rock

Duster – Capsule Losing Contact - New 4 Lp Box Set 2019 Numero Compilation - Indie / Space Rock

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Street Date: 3/22/19

San Jose's sonic cure-all for the Y2K hangover that never materialized, Duster emerged from a cloud of lonely bong rips to take indie rock to the moon, and beyond. Scotch-taped guitars toggle between a chorus of brittle winter trees and a blanket of distorted fuzz. The low rumble of a cardboard box being kicked in a dead mall keeps pace in the background, as muffled, sung-spoken vocals ponder the great mysteries of modern mundanity. Three years of home recording accidents and blown-out 2AM studio experiments are spread across four LPs, gathering the short-lived trio's Stratosphere and Contemporary Movement albums, 1975 EP, singles, demos, and other miscellaneous debris into one escape pod, now free to drift in the endless void of space.


A1 Moon Age 1:07
A2 Heading For The Door 3:08
A3 Gold Dust 2:06
A4 Topical Solution 5:01
A5 Docking the Pod 1:50
A6 The Landing 2:43
A7 Constellations 3:43
A8 The Queen of Hearts 4:19
B1 Two Way Radio 0:19
B2 Inside Out 2:21
B3 Stratosphere 6:57
B4 Reed to Hillsborough 4:00
B5 Shadows of Planes 1:50
B6 Earth Moon Transit 4:23
B7 The Twins / Romantica 3:42
B8 Sideria 1:50
Contemporary Movement
C1 Get the Dutch 4:47
C2 Operations 3:30
C3 Diamond 3:26
C4 Me and the Birds 1:35
C5 Travelogue 4:36
D1 The Phantom Facing Me 2:55
D2 Cooking 4:35
D3 Unrecovery 3:34
D4 The Breakup Suite 3:20
D5 Everything You See (Is Your Own) 2:40
D6 Now It's Coming Back 2:43
D7 Auto-Mobile 2:08
Transmission, Flux
E1 Orbitron 2:19
E2 Fuzz and Timbre 0:37
E3 My Friends Are Cosmonauts 1:44
E4 Closer to the Speed of Sound 2:59
E5 Stars Will Fall 1:58
E6 For Hours 3:42
E7 Light Years 3:39
F1 Echo Bravo 4:34
F2 Capsule Losing Contact 6:17
F3 East Reed 1:03
F4 And Things Are Mostly Ghosts (Version Overdose Mix) 3:57
G1 Irato 4:17
G2 Memphis Sophisticate 4:09
G3 The Motion Picture 2:43
G4 And Things (Are Mostly Ghosts) 3:19
G5 August Relativity 3:09
G6 Want No Light To Shine 6:01
H1 Haunt My Sleep 2:43
H2 Peyote 1:37
H3 Something That I Need 1:47
H4 What You're Doing to Me 6:08
H5 Faint 3:16
H6 The Hours 2:14


Black vinyl.
Includes lyric book featuring Polaroid and disposable Kodak photos.

Mastered at Peerless in 2018.

Stratosphere (sides A and B) track listing is from original pressing. (Does not include "Echo Bravo")
Contemporary Movement (sides C and D) track listing is from original pressing.
Transmission, Flux side E includes original track listing plus "For Hours" and "Light Years" (from Apex, Trance-Like). Side F includes previously unreleased songs on vinyl: "Echo Bravo," Capsule Losing Contact," "East Reed," and "And Things Are Mostly Ghosts (Version Overdose Mix)."
1975 side G includes original track listing plus previously unreleased Duster tracks on side H: "Haunt My Sleep," "Peyote," "Something That I Need," "Faint," and "The Hours."