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Trevor Powers (Youth Lagoon) - Mulberry Violence - New Vinyl Lp 2018 Baby Halo 'Indie Exclusive' Pressing on White Vinyl with Booklet and Gatefold Jacket - Elextronic / Synthpop / Trip Hop


Street Date: 8/17/18

Trevor Powers began recording music in 2011, releasing a trilogy of albums under the moniker Youth Lagoon before announcing the end of the project in 2015. Powers started making music experiments inspired by the visual works of artists such as Francis Bacon, Sister Gertrude Morgan and Harry Clarke. Embracing a combination of noise, beauty and mercurial avant-pop atmospheres, he began molding these experiments into songs highlighting the intersection of unity and chaos, nightmares and the invisible forces at war within the human self. Retreating to Tornillo, Texas, Powers brought his songs and a handful of contributors to Sonic Ranch, a residential studio complex in the middle of a 2,300 acre orchard, to record ‘Mulberry Violence.’ The album was mixed in Los Angeles by frequent Beyoncé collaborator Stuart White.

"Mulberry Violence's thematic arc is similarly challenging and ominous. Where Youth Lagoon's songs frequently documented Powers' struggles with anxiety and isolation, the music tended to blossom cathartically, imbuing a sense of awe and hope in spite of that pain and solitude. Mulberry Violence feels harsher in comparison, and trickier to parse due to Powers packing every song with elusive literary and historical references, and surreal and religious allusions. Ruminating on the many paradoxes of life and death, calm and chaos, the album delves into humanity's tendency for cruelty and hatred, the role of technology and the illusion of security."NPR

All songs written, performed and produced by Trevor Powers.
Recorded at Sonic Ranch, Tornillo, TX.
Engineered by Jason Kingsland.
Mixed by Stuart White.
Additional production by Jason Kingsland.
Guitar and additional programming by Kaitlyn Figgs.
Bass, drums, additional keys and instrumentation by Micah Stevens.
Strings arranged and performed by Rob Moose.
Rhodes by Nina Figgs.
Trumpet and background vocals by Tiffany Emerson.
Additional strings by Rob Burger on XXXXX.
Aux percussion by Richie Figgs.
Background vocals by Bonnita Lee.
Additional production by Tim Friesen on XXXXX.
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound.
Artwork, type and design by Baptiste Bernazeau.