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Club Dread - Majestic - New Vinyl 2018 Winspear Clear Vinyl Lp with Download - Pop

Club Dread - Majestic - New Vinyl 2018 Winspear Clear Vinyl Lp with Download - Pop

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Street Date 11/2/18

Club Dread is not club music. The production on Majetic's new album alludes to various dance genres but never quite embodies them. Similarly, the characters populating its ten twilit tracks orbit the nightlife without taking to the dance floor. Amorphous and peripheral, it's music for the sidewalks adjacent the club-a score for the bittersweet comedowns. Club Dread marks a transition for Majetic. Formerly configured as a band, the project has exchanged the name CARE for something more emblematic of its singular producer, Justin Majetich. The palette's changed too. Majetic has built Club Dread, his third LP, almost entirely out of electronics. The result is agile and restrained-a sleeker vessel for the songwriter's vivid lyricism and emotive pitch. Club Dread was conceived in Oakland, California, and though Majetic wrote and recorded much of the album upon returning to his home in Queens, New York, the Bay Area provides a setting for its fractured narratives. There's a glimmer of the Bay's natural beauty evoked in its open, gilded moments. There's also an awareness of the racial and economic disparity run rampant against this idyllic backdrop. Majetic's Club Dread will be released November 2, 2018 on Winspear

Track List

1. Chewing Tabs

2. Bloodbrunch

3. Phantom Life

4. Covert Arms

5. Lead Halo

6. Rosemilk

7. Simple Blade

8. Horseback

9. Tender Ums

10. Club Dread