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Skeletonwitch - Beyond the Permafrost - New Lp 2019 Prosthetic Picture Disc Reissue (Limited to 300 Worldwide!) - Black Metal / Thrash


Street Date: 4/19/19

"Beyond the Permafrost" is a tightly played, thrashy as hell, and damn tuneful album. The disc combines classic thrash with a bit of melodic death and black metal, and a NWOBHM undercurrent, all of which is given a modern (though not glossy) production. An added twist are the scruffy and snarling (kind of like a CARCASS-y "Heartwork" era crossed with black metal) vocals of Chance Garrette. The guy strikes the balance between a truly sinister aura and good 'ole evil fun. Some death growls are smartly utilized as well.



Upon Wings Of Black 2:40
Beyond The Permafrost 2:29
Baptized In Flames 4:05
Sacrifice For The Slaughtergod 2:53
Vengeance Will Be Mine 3:08
Limb From Limb 2:16
Cast Into The Open Sea 3:16
Fire From The Sky 2:33
Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery 2:34
Remains Of The Defeated 3:05
Feast Upon Flesh 3:09
Within My Blood 4:12