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High Tides - Paradise Daze - New Vinyl Lp 2019 Rad Cult - Electronic / Synth / Chillwave


Street Date: 3/8/19

From the coastal shores of the mind, by way of the Midwest, comes High Tides, the hazy synth duo of Warren Kroll (Forrest, Dorosoto) and Steven Lutes (Mall Security, Kontyx). Launched in 2011 as an offshoot of their sleazy, acid-electro collaboration as The Red Falcon Projects   less


Washed Ashore 02:52
Swaying Palms 05:27
Summer Reflections 05:26
Silver Strand Lulls 03:48
Catch the Wav 04:05
Tidal Movement 04:08
Midnight Cove 03:55
Lines on the Horizon 04:04
Paradise Daze 05:08
Azure Drift 01:54