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Cavern of Anti-Matter - Blood Drums - New Vinyl Record 2017 Duophonic 3-LP Reissue of Debut album, w/ Download - Electronic / Kraut Rock



A1 You're An Art Soul 4:41
A2 Solar Diamond 4:13
A3 Invocation Melodie In C 3:44
B1 Hot Electric Insect 3:02
B2 Irridated Dream Mouth 2:20
B3 Silver Dust 2:24
B4 Sound-Magic's Death Ray Destroys The Vortex And Has Union With Infinity 3:49
C1 Rotation And Particle Density In D 3:08
C2 Blood-Drums Machine 3:46
C3 Adventures In One Octave 3:24
D1 Movin' On Static 3:28
D2 Dystopian Shopping Mall 4:07
E1 Strawberry Dust 4:06
E2 Acid Death Picnic 6:52
F1 Kool Boy Narcosis 2:55
F2 Lament For Cement 4:19