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Kiss ‎– Dynasty - VG+ 1979 Stereo USA - Rcok/Glam Metal

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Asking yourself if you should buy Dynasty or not? Hmmm, let's review:
- Does it have the disco hits Sure Know Something and I Was Made For
Lovin' You? ✔
- Does it contain three Ace Freely vocal tracks? ✔
- Is one of those tracks a Rolling Stones cover? ✔
- Is Gene Simmons a creep that you wouldn't wanna be left alone in a room
with?  ✔
- Does Paul Stanley showboat every chance he gets?  ✔
Seems like an obvious choice to me, but you do you. 


I Was Made For Lovin' You 4:16
2,000 Man 4:39
Sure Know Something 3:29
Dirty Livin' 4:53
Charisma 4:29
Magic Touch 4:26
Hard Times 3:59
X-Ray Eyes 3:42
Save Your Love 4:40