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Joyce Manor - Million Dollars To Kill Me - New Vinyl 2018 Epitaph 'Indie Exclusive' on Opaque Red Vinyl - Pop Punk


Joyce Manor are back with a new album, entitled Million Dollars To Kill Me. Frontman Barry Johnson along with co-founding guitarist Chase Knobbe, new drummer Pat Ware—(“Awesome new drummer,” adds Johnson)—and longtime bassist Matt Ebert, wrote enough songs to fill a full-length, and then worked to get songs lifted from emails between Johnson and one of his musical hero Impossibles’ guitarist/vocalist Rory Phillips, with whom he had been co-writing long distance, to match the ones written at full volume. (“Bedroom charm versus live rock band,” Johnson explains.) Their next step was a new step: their first time recording outside their L.A. hometown, at Converge’s Kurt Ballou’s GodCity studio in Salem, Massachusetts. They recorded daily 10-to-6 and then slept right upstairs in bunk beds: “Kinda felt like camp,” says Johnson. “It was a pleasure—I would recommend it to anyone.” If 2016’s Cody was about growing up, then Kill Me is about what happens next—the reckonings with love, money, doubt and confusion, and the hope that persists despite it all.

Track List

Side A Side B
01 Fighting Kangaroo
02 Think I'm Still In Love With You
03 Big Lie
04 I'm Not The One
05 Million Dollars To Kill Me
01 Silly Games
02 Friends We Met Online
03 Up The Punx
04 Gone Tomorrow
05 Wildflowers