B&W 600i Bookshelf Speaker Pair and Stands

B&W 600i Bookshelf Speaker Pair and Stands

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Stand-mount/Bookshelf loudspeaker system

Product Summary

  • ●  Designed with the more demanding digital sources of the nineties in mind, the 600 series has earned a reputation for minimal coloration and musical accuracy in audio reproduction. Successfully capturing the transients found in music meant developing a loudspeaker able to do justice to the attack of the original audio signal.

    Designed by a master of industrial design Dr Kenneth Grange, the cool, dark lines of the

    600 series cabinet are perfect partner for contemporary furniture and interior design settings.

  • ●  The baby of the series, but with a grown-up impact. The 1-in metal dome tweeter and 6.5in

    mid/bass unit are flush-mounted into a rigid moulded baffle, stylish as well as functional.

  • ●  The drive units are capable of efficiently handling high power and four terminals are

    provided for bi-wiring or bi-amplification

    Technical highlights

  • ●  B&W's Tweeter technology ensures that the sound remains focused and time sensitive and that the stereo image is presented with unparalleled three dimensional accuracy.

  • ●  The strict acoustic requirements of the cabinet have dictated a front baffle moulding of extra high rigidity. The polymer has been chosen for its composition and ability to reduce unwanted resonances to a minimum.