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Violent Femmes - 2 Mics & The Truth: Unplugged & Unhinged In America - New Vinyl 2017 PIAS Limited Edition 2-LP Gatefold Pressing, Hand-Numbered to 1500! - Alt-Rock / Indie Rock


Street Date 08/04/17 (Bumped from 7/21)

Violent Femmes have announced a live album, "2 Mics & The Truth: Unplugged & Unhinged In America", which includes rearranged classics, songs played live for the first time, spontaneous requests and random improvisations. This is the Legendary 80s folk-punks follow-up to last years critically acclaimed, 'We Can Do Anything'

Available as Limited Edition hand-numbered, gatefold, 2xLP / x1500 copies

All of the songs on '2 Mics', including iconic favorites "American Music", "Blister in the Sun", "Add It Up" and recent hits like "Memory", "Issues" were recorded during various radio stations promo sessions across the country


A1 Blister In The Sun (WXRV)
A2 I'm Nothing (PASTE)
A3 It's Gonna Rain (PASTE)
A4 Breaking Up (WFUV)
A5 Traveling Solves Everything (KINK)
A6 Good For/At Nothing (WFUV)
B1 Memory (KINK)
B2 American Music (KINK)
B3 Gone Daddy Gone / I Just Want To Make Love To You (WXPN)
B4 Love Love Love Love Love (KCMP)
B5 Big Car (WXPN)
B6 Untrue Love (PASTE)
C1 I Could Be Anything (WFUV)
C2 Rejoice And Be Happy (KCMP)
C3 Add It Up (WFUV)
C4 No Killing (WYEP)
C5 You Move Me (WXPN)
C6 Run With it (WFUV)
D1 Ugly (WXRV)
D2 Kiss Off (WXRV)
D3 Jesus Walking On The Water (WFUV)
D4 Prove My Love (WFUV)
D5 Country Death Song (WFUV)
D6 What You Really Mean (WXPN)


2xLP 140 gram Vinyl - Limited Edition Of 1500 world wide - Hand-Numbered - One-Time Pressing.