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The Young Israelians, Joy Mann - Recorded Live At A Jewish Party - VG+ 1960's Stereo USA - Jewish/Folk

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A1 Hava Netza Bamachal - Hava Nagila (Come Rejoice) 3:33
A2 Haleel Song - Tzena-Tzena (Night-Night) 3:41
A3 Zum Goli-Goli 1:40
A4 Shalom Aleichem (We Greet You) 1:13
A5 Tum Balalaika (Come Rejoice) 2:30
A6 Dona-Dona 2:36
A7 Layla-Layla (Night) 2:06
B1 Erev Shashosheen (Dance Of The Roses) 3:23
B2 David Melech (King David) 2:49
B3 Ma Asapra (What Shall I Say) 2:44
B4 Zamar Noded (Song Of The Hobo) 1:29
B5 Finjan (Dance) 2:02
B6 Mayim (Prayer For Water) 1:43
B7 Simona Mi Damona (Girl From Damona) 1:58
B8 Let This Tale Be Told 1:55