The Hecks - S/T - New Vinyl 2016 Trouble In Mind Standard Black Pressing + Download - Chicago, IL Post-Punk / Noise Rock


Chicago trio The Hecks have been skulking around Chicago's DIY scene for some time now honing their unique twin-guitar sound, weaving tense and beautiful sonic passages of dissonance and harmony into weird and infectious pop songs. The band's eponymous debut has been two years in the making and manages to cram knowledge gleaned from years of absorbing sounds and tones both ugly and beautiful, hitting all the wrong notes in all the wrongs ways to deconstruct sound into their own vessel.

Noise drones like "Landscape Photography" and "Tea" sit comfortably amidst the more 'traditionally structured' tunes as well as the apocalyptic mid-album belter "Favor" which sound like something akin to the heavens falling. Recorded by the band at guitarist Dave Vettraino's Public House Recording Studio, "The Hecks" is released digitally, compact disc and pressed on black vinyl + limited edition colored vinyl. Vinyl includes a download code.