King Gizzard Polygondwanaland clear vinyl with glowing skull slipmat

The Beach Boys - 15 Big Ones - Mint- Stereo 1976 (Original Press Reprise/Brother)USA - Surf Rock


"15 Big Ones" is the twentieth studio album by The Beach Boys, their first studio album in three years and the first Brian Wilson produced album released by the band since "Pet Sounds", ten years earlier.

Recorded January 30, 1976 to May 15, 1976. At one point during the recordings, it was decided that a double album was to be released: one album of oldies and another of original material. In the end, a compromise of both new originals and covers was decided.

"15 Big Ones", was named for their fifteen years in the business and for the fact that it had the same number of tracks. It was released in late June, reaching #8 in the US and going gold. It reached #31 in the UK.



Rock And Roll Music 2:26
It's O.K. 2:18
Had To Phone Ya 2:13
Chapel Of Love 2:34
Everyone's In Love With You 2:40
Talk To Me 2:13
Medley åÊ
That Same Song 2:14
T M Song 1:34
Palisades Park 2:29
Susie Cincinnati 2:55
A Casual Look 2:43
Blueberry Hill 3:01
Back Home 2:47
In The Still Of The Night 3:01
Just Once In My Life 3:34