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The 2 Live Crew - The Essential DJ 12" Inch And Mega Mixes - VG+ 2 Lp Set USA 2002 (Original Press) - Hip Hop/Bass Music



A1 Throw The D*ck (Original 12" Version) 5:31
A2 We Want Some P*ssy (German House Mix) 6:39
A3 Me So Horny 4:36
A4 Mega Mixx IV (Banned In The USA) 3:30
B1 Get It Girl (Extended Mix) 5:59
B2 C'mon Babe (Doo Doo Brown Version) 6:01
B3 Banned In The U.S.A. - What Is This? (Much 2 Black Mix) 4:28
B4 Mega Mixx - (DJ Laz & Felix Sama) 5:27
C1 Pop That P*ssy 4:18
C2 Bass 9-1-7 4:43
C3 Mama Juanita (Laid Back Mix) 3:42
C4 Get The F*ck Out My House (House Mix) 5:03
D1 We Want Some P*ssy (Liberty City Long Hard Mix)- Live In Berlin 6:00
D2 Throw The D*ck (Original Dub Instrumental Mix) 5:25
D3 2 Live Party
Featuring ‰ÛÒ Three 6 Mafia