King Gizzard Polygondwanaland clear vinyl with glowing skull slipmat

Ravi Shankar & Andre Previn & The London Symphony Orchestra - Concerto For Sitar & Orchestra - VG+ 1971 Stereo USA Original Press - Indian Classical/Sitar

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A1 I. R€?ga Kham€?j 14:25
A1a Chhed åÊ
A1b Aoch€?r Alap åÊ
A1c Jor åÊ
A1d Gat And T€?n In Teent€?l (16 Beats) åÊ
A2 II. R€?ga Sindhi Bhairavi 6:20
A2a Chhed And Chalan åÊ
A2b Gand And T€?n In Dadra (6 Beats) åÊ
A2c Gat And T€?n In Kahariva (8 Beats) åÊ
B1 III. R€?ga Adan€? 3:31
B1a Chhed åÊ
B1b Drut Gat, T€?n And Jh€?l€? In Ektal (12 Beats) åÊ
B2 IV. R€?ga M€?nj Kham€?j 15:39
B2a Chhed And Chalan åÊ
B2b Gat And T€?n In Ch€?nchar (14 Beats) åÊ
B2c Drut Gat, T€?n Adn Jh€?l€? In Teent€?l (16 Beats)