Palmer T. Lee - Winebringer - New Lp Record 2019 Shuga Records Tranquil Forest Colored Vinyl Numbered & Signed - Folk
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Palmer T. Lee - Winebringer - New Lp Record 2019 Shuga Records Tranquil Forest Colored Vinyl Numbered & Signed - Folk

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Street Date: 6/14/19

  • First Pressing, Tranquil Forest Colored Vinyl
  • Limited edition of 155

  • Signed by Palmer T. Lee and numbered

  • Color vinyl

  • Insert sheet

Palmer T. Lee - Winebringer

Shuga Records ‎– Shuga 420-013-1
Vinyl, LP, Album


1. Rag 03:18

2. Aw Jeez 04:30

3. Fat Barred Owl 03:35

4. Uneasy 04:04

5. So Between Eyes 04:20

6. Rice and Beets 07:07

7. Moon You 04:55

8. Winebringer 04:01

9. Fiddle Bow 03:52



Palmer T. Lee is a songwriter from Olympia, Washington. He also is one half of the duo The Lowest Pair, with Kendl Winter. His debut album, “Winebringer,” is an intensive look at love and longing that follows the end of a relationship.
The title was inspired by a collection of poetry by Hafiz called, "The Book of the Winebringer."

Recorded in the winter of 2016/17, Palmer T. Lee of The Lowest Pair is preparing to release his debut solo record!

All songs written and arranged by Palmer T. Lee (SESAC)
Engineered by Joey Seward, Left Field Studios
Mastered by Rick Fisher, Resonant Mastering

Artwork by Lindsey Schoeneman
Design by Autumn Seguin

Palmer T. Lee - guitar and vocals all songs, except Fiddle Bow - banjo and vocals
Derek McSwain - mandolin, Fat Barred Owl, Uneasy, Moon You
Bevin Foley - fiddle & Dean Shakked - bass, Uneasy, Moon You, Fiddle Bow
Anna Gordon - vocals, Moon You
Josh Grice - fiddle, Uneasy, Fiddle Bow
Joey Seward - pump organ, Rice and Beets
Thank you for picking up this album. I hope it finds its way to being tucked between a glass of marbles and holding up the stack of board games on the bottom shelf only to fall out and onto your feet just when you needed to be reminded you're not alone. It's the best I could offer to pay back all the records that have done the same for me.

Special thank you to all the muses in the Bottle House, to everyone walking near the grocery store who threw money into my guitar case that windy winter while I was writing this album, you kept the house warm and my belly full. And to everyone who purchased an advanced copy of this record allowing me to be able to afford to release it. - Palmer T. Lee