Mohammed El-Bakkar & His Oriental Ensemble - Port Said (1958) - Music Of The Middle East - VG Stereo USA 1975 Press USA - International/Exotic

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Port Said (Port Said) 3:32
Sauda Sauda (Dark Eyes) 3:31
Bint Il Geran (Girl Next Door) 4:07
Banat Iskandaria (Girls Of Alexandria) 3:03
Al Jazayair (Dance Of Algiers) 2:56
Hela Hope (Be Careful Of Love) 3:19
Haun Meelee (Sway Here) 2:43
Balady (Native Girl) 2:18
Rahks Port Said (Dance Of Port Said) 3:30
Hygalo (They Say I Love Her) 2:23
Geena Ghanneelak (I Sing Of Thee) 2:55
Ah Ya Zain (Beautiful One) 3:30