Eugene G. Weinberg - A Child's Cry: A Clue To Diagnosis - VG+ 1971 Mono USA - Spoken Word/Education



A1 The Cry Of A Normal Newborn Baby
A2 The Cry Of A Premature Infant
A3 The Normal Cries Of Hunger, Pain, And Contentment
A4 The Grunting Resperation Of An Infant With Hyaline Membrane Disease
A5 The Sound Of Stridor Or Croup
A6 The Cry And Cough Of Cystic Fibrosis
A7 The Soft Cry Of An Infant With A Vascular Ring
A8 The Wheezing, Bronchospastic Sound Of Bronchial Asthma
A9 The Grunting Sound Of Severe Pneumonia
A10 The Cat-Like Cry Of Cri Du Chat Of Cat Cry Syndrome
A11 The High-Pitched, Laughing Cry Of A Child With Microcephaly
A12 The High-Pitched Cry Of A Child With Hydranencephaly
A13 The Weak Cry Of Downs Syndrome Or Mongolism
A14 The Characteristic Sound Of Whooping Cough
A15 The Tremorous Cry Of Kwashiokor
B1 The Hoarse Cry Of Congenital Hypothyroidism
B2 The Sound Of An Infant With Snuffles
B3 The Forced, Artificial Psychogenic Cough
B4 The Persistant Spasmodic Cough Of Bronchiolitis
B5 The Immature Growling Cry Of The De Lange Syndrome
B6 The Sea Gull-Like Cry Of An Infant With Trisomy-E Syndrome
B7 The Hoarse, Whispered Voice Due To Lipoid Proteinosis
B8 The Deep Sighing Resperation Of Metabolic Acidosis
B9 The Mature Masculine Voice Of Precocious Puberty