Edward R. Murrow & Fred W. Friendly - I Can Hear It Now Vol. 2 - VG+ Mono USA 1950's - Spoken Word

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A1 V-J Day Celebrations
A2 Conflict between Russia & the West; The Bikini Atom Bomb Test
A3 The Baruch Proposal for the control of Atomic Energy; International War Crimes Trial at Nuremburg; Execution of ten top Nazi War Leaders
A4 The 1946 Congressional Elections; Lilienthal's "Credo of Democracy"; "Babe Ruth Day" at Yankee Stadium
A5 The Marshall Plan; The Howard Hughes Congressional Hearing; Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh; The assassination of Gandhi
B1 Jan Masaryk in United Nations Broadcast; The Italian Elections; The State of Israel is born; James C. Petrillo before the House Labor Committee
B2 The Berlin Airlift; Tito addresses the Third Congress of the Peoples' Front; Vishinsky before the U.N.; Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt before the U.N.
B3 Chambers & Hiss before the House Un-American Activities Committee; Eisenhower reaffirms he will not seek a presidential nomination
B4 The Republican National Convention; The Democratic National Convention; The Progressive Party Convention
B5 The 1948 Pres. Campaign