Shuga Records Multi-tone Chicago compilation

Edward R. Murrow And Fred W. Friendly - "I Can Hear It Now..." - Vol. I - VG+ USA Mono 1950's - Spoken Word

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A1 Will Rogers; Roosevelt Inauguration; Huey Long; Duke Of Windsor
A2 La Guardia; Landon; Roosevelt; John L. Lewis; Hindenburg Disaster
A3 Czech Crisis; Chamberlain; Hitler; Louis-Schmeling Fight; Gehrig Farewell
A4 Britain Enters The War; Lindbergh; Al Smith; Hugh Johnson; Roosevelt; Mussolini
A5 Reynaud; Surrender At Compiegne; Chamberlain; Churchill; Princesses Elisabeth and Margaret Rose
B1 Joseph Martin and Wendell Willkie; Roosevelt; Churchill; Pearl Harbor Announcement
B2 Declaration of War; D-Day (Eisenhower, De Gaulle, King Haakon)
B3 Invasion Craft; Stalin; Dewey; F.D.R.
B4 Roosevelt's Death & Funeral; Truman Speaks To Congress; Opening of U.N.; Announcement of German Surrender
B5 Chaplain's Prayer Before First Atom Bomb Mission; Hiroshima Attack; Japan Surrender; MacArthur