Shuga Records Multi-tone Chicago compilation

Ed McCurdy - The Best Of Dalliance - VG+ 1962 Mono 2 Lp Set USA - Folk



Go Bring Me A Lass
A Lusty Young Smith
The Trooper
When Flora Had On Her New Gown
Uptails All
The Shepherd
The Four Able Physicians
The Hive Of Bees
The Yeoman Of Kent
A Lady So Frolie And Gay
A Riddle
Three Birds
Sylvia The Fair
The Playhouse Saint
The Sound Country Lass
A Young Man And His Maid
The Jolly Thinker
A WantonTrick
The Jolly Miller
She Lay All Naked
A Tradesman
A Petition
Tottingham Frolie
Character Of A Mistress
The Vine
The Country Wake
A Pleasant Ballad
The End