King Gizzard Polygondwanaland clear vinyl with glowing skull slipmat

Edith Piaf - The Best Of Edith Piaf - Mint- 1966 USA - Pop/French

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La Vie, L'Amour (Love And Life) 1:55
Les Trois Cloches (The Three Bells) 4:05
La Vie En Rose (Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses) 3:05
Milord (Mister) 4:26
C'Est A Hambourg (In Hamburg) 3:00
La Goualante De Pauvre Jean (The Poor People Of Paris) 2:00
T'Es Beau, Tu Sais (You're Handsome, You Know) 4:05
Mon Manege A Moi (My Own Merry-Go-Round) 3:00
Hymne A L'Amour (Hymn To Love) 3:25
Bravo Pour Le Clown! (Bravo For The Clown!) 3:05
C'est L'Amour (It's Love) 3:05
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (No Regrets) 2:30