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Cornelius - Fantasma - New Vinyl Record 2016 Lefse Records Indie Exclusive Gatefold Limited Edition Reissue w/ Bonus Tracks - Noise Pop / Alt-Rock / Experimental from Japan, feat. members of Apples In Stereo

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Listen, have you ever gotten some real gear-grinding, deepweb Food Network, full-on DGAF munchies so bad that you will mix anything concievably edible to satisy your high ass? Picture that, but instead of cramming your ma's homemade ravioli into the leftovers of a PB&J or even crazier, ordering pineapple on a pizza, your ears are getting a one-way ticket to the quintessential Flavortown (shout out to the mans Fieri) of potlucked nibbles and bites from just about every facet of music itself. Often compared to the likes of Beck and even the bowl cut lord of the studio himself, Brian Wilson, Keigo Oyamada AKA Cornelius, a musical savant hailing from Japan's own Tokyo is one of those few and far in-between artists that truly can make something so familiar feel so new, this example being the ability to play not just one single instrument, but the studio itself. Everything from Jazz, to Funk, to Post-Rock, to old instructional record samples are uncovered within the confines of these righteous grooves, creating a sense of understanding for misunderstanding, if you can get down with the get down. Originally released in '98, but finally back on slab of wax, Cornelius's Fantasma still shines bright as a beautiful, starry bullet point in the realm of the continuous musical evolution of humanity itself. Expect the unexpected. Just Do It. Nike. Get you some Cornelius. Etc.


FFO: "The 90's", Beck, Dilla, Doom, sampling, Brian Wilson, entitled musical opinions, curveballs, Flying Lotus, T-Cat, Anime, freaky sh*t



Japanese pop-noise savant Cornelius, a self-taught guitarist inspired early on by Kiss and Black Sabbath. A product of the same Shibuya-kei bubblegum scene that also gave rise to Pizzicato Five, Cornelius became a national teen idol in the wake of the release of 1994’s full-length The First Question. Released in 1997, Fantasma was his creative and commercial breakthrough, a kaleidoscopic, genre-hopping joy ride through contemporary musical history that became Cornelius’ first American release when it was reissued by Matador a year later. Long out of print, Lefse Records reissues Fantasma in a limited editoin, remastered, deluxe 2xLP gatefold vinyl, complete with bonus tracks.