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Madlib - Madlib Medicine Show: Pill Jar - New Vinyl Lp 2013 Madlib Invazion - Hip Hop / Beats



A1 Static Invazion
A2 Episode XVI
A3 Kill 'Em Remix
A4 The Paper
A5 What Can U Tell Me
A6 The Frontline
A7 African Voodoo Queen
A8 Afro Sound Panorama
A9 Kane
A10 Interlude
B1 Plastic Cup
B2 Watch Out
B3 The Poet
B4 Interlude
B5 Afritonic Pt. 1
B6 The Show (Inner View)
B7 Jungle Sounds
B8 Red, Black And Green Showcase
B9 Interview #4080
B10 Funky Butt