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Deeper - Deeper - New Vinyl Lp 2018 Firetalk 'Shuga Records Exclusive' on White Vinyl with Download - Indie Rock / New Wave / F'n AMAZING


Street Date: 5/25/18

Deeper - Deeper

The debut album from Chicago based Deeper. Origins of the project date back to 2014 where the band has made their mark locally supporting like minded acts Omni, Protomartyr, Chris Cohen & fellow Chicago powerhouses Whitney & Ne-Hi. Fresh off official after show appearances at Pitchfork & Lolapalooza the band is poised to jump out wide with this debut record. These 9 tracks channel the anxiety and uneasiness of modern life in this pit of endless internet, chiming post punk rave ups with pointed "of the times" lyrics & gorgeous ambient interludes woven in. It's as if Women & Deerhunter had an ill-legit midwestern love child, all killer no filler.
Track List: 
01. Pink Showers
02. Should Be
03. Transmogrified
04. Pavement
05. Messaged Erased
06. Kg
07. Feels
08. Taxi
09. Trust


Shuga Exclusive Catalog Number: LP-FTK-132S

Shuga Exclusive UPC: 634457865969

This is for the Pre-Order of Deeper - Deeper: Official Street is May 25th.

This is for the Shuga Records exclusive white vinyl version.