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Matt Maeson - Back on The Funeral - New Lp 2019 Neon Gold Pressing - Alt / Indie Rock


Street Date: 4/19/19

On his debut album Bank On The Funeral, Maeson uses his deeply incisive songwriting to explore the tension between light and dark in his own life. The album redefines the limits of the classic singer/songwriter's sensibility and shapes a sound that's richly textured and gracefully experimental. And with his soulful vocal presence, Maeson again reveals the raw-nerve vulnerability that prompted TIME to praise him as "never afraid to investigate his past and his demons, resulting in songs that are clear-eyed in their honesty and raw around the edges."



1 I Just Don't Care That Much 3:25
2 Cringe 3:36
3 Go Easy 3:47
4 Tread On Me 3:30
5 Legacy 2:49
6 Hallucinogenics 3:07
7 The Mask 3:24
8 Beggar's Song 3:55
9 Tribulation 3:13
10 Dancing After Death 3:57
11 Feel Good 3:15
12 Bank On The Funeral 3:29